Send and Opening Electronic Classroom Files Remotely

Once only preparation:

1) Create an 'Access' folder on the desktop of each local and remote computer.

To Send a file ahead of the lesson using Electronic Classroom:

2) Copy any saved lesson file you wish to send into your desktop 'Access' folder.

3) Start Electronic Classroom, link up, then set your Preferences (Set menu) to bottom option: 'Identical folders on launch disk desktop'. (only the Sender needs to set their preferences).

4) Use 'Send file...' from the File menu to send the first saved lesson file from your 'Access' folder to theirs.

NB The file could also have been emailed or sent via floppy but must be copied to their 'Access' folder before attempting step 5.

- Repeat step 4 to send any further lesson files from your 'Access' folder to theirs -

5) When all files are sent, hangup the Electronic Classroom connection.

To Use a previously sent file at lesson time:

6) Start Electronic Classroom and connect to remote schools.

7) Check your Preferences (Set menu) are still set to the bottom option: 'Identical folders on launch disk desktop'.

8) Use 'Open Remote...' from the File menu to open the first file you wish to use from your 'Access' folder. At the same time, this will send a request to all remote computers to open the identically named file that you previously sent to their 'Access' folder.

9) Proceed with the lesson. Step 8 can be repeated at any time during the lesson to open further files that have been previously sent to each participant's 'Access' folder.

NB: The 'Access' folder mentioned in these instructions can have any name you choose. However it must have the same name (and location) on all computers in the linkup.