What is CalcWrite?

CalcWrite is a totally different calculator. Believe it! You write numbers and mathematical operators directly onto the Palm® screen. CalcWrite displays computed results right there too. Its very cool. Your friends will be very impressed. This is the calculator the Palm was invented for. Why should our handwriting always be turned straight into text? Aren't today's computer programs capable of working directly with the numbers we write? CalcWrite is.

Writing with a pen on a sheet of paper is a very powerful experience. You can write any size, any where and in any order. You can mix text and numbers and draw diagrams all without changing writing implements. Shouldn't computers make life easier, not harder? We've had computers for 40 years but we still can't draw a diagram anywhere in an email messages, or just pick up a pen and sign our names at the bottom of our word processed letters?

Why should computerised calculators just mimic the real world variety with simulated push buttons and a single line display?

CalcWrite makes calculation as easy as scribbling down some numbers on a sheet of paper. Literally.

Most Palm applications are merely "pen assisted" - they can't wait to turn your handwritten input into printed text at the first opportunity. CalcWrite is a totally new "pen powered" application - one that works with your very own handwritten numbers exactly when and where they were entered.

CalcWrite is great for education as it lets students set out a calculation as they are taught in school.

That's CalcWrite - its simple; its natural; its not future hype, it's available today...

An Example

First (leftmost) screen: Grab the Palm's pen and jot down a column of expenses on the screen just as you would keep track of them in your diary.

Second screen: Now draw a horizontal line underneath the column. The total '12.81' appears automatically under the column, just like in a spreadsheet and the whole calculation is verified beneath the total. By the way, see how the screen scrolls so you can keep going, even if you run out of space.

Third screen: '2.3' should have been '12.3' ? No problems - just write the extra '1' in its correct position in front of the '2.3'. CalcWrite can accept input anywhere on the page, at any time; the order is irrelevant. The previous result '12.81' is automatically cleared from the screen as it is no longer correct.

Fourth screen: A new digit '9' needs to be squeezed in to turn '7.45' into 79.45 ? Easy - just slide the '7' to the left to make room for the '9' and write it in.

Fifth screen: The new total '94.81' can be recomputed at any time by drawing another line under the '79.45'.

Sixth (last) screen: Now you want to add 10% tax to a computed total? Simply write "x 1.1 =" next to the'94.81' that was computed and CalcWrite will display a new total '104.291' that now includes tax.


  1. Enter your calculation either down the Palm screen or across it
  2. Scroll up or down a virtual writing surface that is over 12 metres (or 37 feet) in length !!
  3. Write your numbers on the screen using the basic graffiti® strokes
  4. Or you can optionally add extra strokes to closer simulate real numbers
  5. Mathematical operators +, -, x, ÷, =, (, ), %, and square root etc are written just as you would expect
  6. Start writing anywhere on the Palm's screen, CalcWrite doesn't care
  7. Write numbers in any order, even back to front if you like
  8. Add extra digits or operators later, anywhere on the screen there's space
  9. If there isn't room, you can slide existing digits apart to make room
  10. Draw a horizontal line or equals sign at any time to produce a subtotal
  11. After the subtotal, just write another operator and keep the calculation going
  12. Erase a single digit, an entire line, or the whole darn thing
  13. Results automatically recalculate whenever the pen is lifted
  14. Any term in the calculation can be dragged anywhere on the screen. A new result is automatically calculated
  15. A textual view is available if required
  16. Each digit entered will be confirmed either visually or audibly
  17. Right and left handed screen layouts are available
  18. Manual and automatic scrolling are both supported in the registered version
  19. Your previous calculation is automatically recalled when restarting


CalcWrite should run on all Palms using PalmOS 2.0 or later. (that is right back to the PalmPilot Personal)

CalcWrite will run on colour Palms but only in black and white in this version. (For reasons of speed, the colour support was temporarily removed).

Where do I download a demo copy to try?

or click here to download the Windows demo directly from this site

or click here to download the Macintosh demo directly from this site

Where do I buy a copy?