How is CopyWrite used ?

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CopyWrite is useful in a variety of educational settings.

In the Classroom:
A classroom teacher can use one or more CopyWrite devices (depending on availability). By storing their individual handwriting exercises into CopyWrite's memory, up to 35 students can share a single device, thus dramatically decreasing the cost of ownership. However, only one student can use an individual CopyWrite device at a time (Just as as usually only one student can use an individual PC at any one time). At the end of the day, all 35 student's work can be recalled and assessed just as you would examine all your student's individual writing books.

For Handwriting homework:
Each CopyWrite unit is small enough to be taken home by an individual student where additional handwriting work is required. Up to 20 exercises tailored to the individual student may be stored in CopyWrite's memory before leaving class. These exercises can be performed at home and then assessed by the teacher when the unit returns to school.

For Remedial handwriting:
CopyWrite is ideally suited to remedial handwriting work. It is a great tool for a teacher or therapist whose job involves working with students with handwriting difficulties.CopyWrite allows the teacher or therapist to pre-program suitable exercises for each student they will see during the day. As CopyWrite is highly motivating and completely self-contained, its use sometimes even provides the remedial therapist or teacher the time to work with an additional student simultaneously, thus doubling their effectiveness.

As a Motivational tool:
Many children, quite frankly, aren't interested in learning handwriting. The use of CopyWrite changes all that. Small children just love to use it as it reminds them of a computer game. They love watching the animated letters replaying before their eyes - over and over again. And they love the fact that they can replay and erase their own work until they are sure it is correct. Using CopyWrite will dramatically change your student's motivation in handwriting lessons - guaranteed!! One teacher said "The only problem was the queue of kids wanting to use it"

For Distance education:
Teaching handwriting to small children is difficult enough in a classroom. How can you possibly teach handwriting via distance education? With CopyWrite it's easy. Now a student's handwriting can be extracted from CopyWrite and emailed to a distant teacher for instant replay and assessment. Imagine - every stroke a student has written can be replayed for their distant teacher in the exact order and direction the student used. Even the timing is accurate - allowing assessment of writing speed and fluidity. Additional exercise can be emailed back to the student, or can be typed in by a supervising parent from the correct lettering outlines built into CopyWrite.

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