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1. How do I email my CopyWrite handwriting exercises to my distance education teacher?

Before delivering Palm devices to remote students, ensure their class categories and student names (in the address book) are identical to your Palm (or emulator) if the 'Class' checkbox is ticked in the 'Setup' screen (accessed by clicking the 'i' button on the main screen).

A student needs to follow this procedure to email handwriting exercises to their teacher:

  1. Complete the exercises then press the 'house' button to exit from the CopyWrite application.
  2. Place your Palm in its cradle and press the 'HotSync' button to backup your exercises onto your PC or Mac.
  3. Open your email program and compose a message to your teacher, eg "Here is my latest writing, from Jane".
  4. Click the 'attach' button in your email program.
  5. Browse until you find the folder 'Palm" usually located on the C: drive.
  6. Within the 'Palm' folder, find the folder whose name matches your Palm device HotSync username. For example if your HotSync name is "Alison" the folder will be called "Alison". However if your username includes spaces (eg "Open Access1") the folder will be called "AccessO", or something similar.
  7. Within the folder with your username, there will be a folder called "Backup". This contains the handwriting samples you just backed up when you pressed the HotSync button on your cradle.
  8. Within the Backup folder you should see a file named "CopyWrite-RC01.pdb" (for english writing) or "CopyWrite-Asia-RC02.pdb" (for asian script exercises). If you are in a class named "Balmoral", the file you need will be called "Balmoral-RC01.pdb" (english) or "Balmoral-RC02.pdb" (asian). Attach the appropriate one of these files to your email.
  9. Send the email.

2. How do I replay CopyWrite handwriting exercises emailed from a remote student?

When the teacher receives the email, simply open the received .pdb file. This should run the Palm Install Tool program so that the next time your perform a HotSync operation, the exercises will be downloaded into your Palm device. Note that this will automatically replace any exercises stored in your Palm device with the same name, so be careful.

Now open CopyWrite (or CopyWrite-Asia) on your Plam device and the first student's exercise should be visible. Other students' exercises are accessible via the 'Assess students' menu facility.

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