"The Best Computer Ever" - grade one girl.

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Goal: Computers for all Students

Fact 1: schools across the world are wanting to provide increased access to computer technology for all their students.

Fact 2: Parents fear their children will be left behind in today's increasingly technology oriented society iif they do not have easy and frequent access to computers at home and in the classroom.

Handwriting: A Core Skill for Beginners

Fact 3: Students just starting school are first taught handwriting.

The 'input method' is a pen or pencil; the 'display' a sheet of paper whose orientation is horizontal. Learning these skills occupies a fair proportion of the young student's curriculum, whether it be formal handwriting lessons or its application to areas like story writing, language, mathematics or noting science observations.

The Problem with Laptops for Younger Students

Even schools that provide an individual laptop computer for each student cannot extend this program to students much below grade 5 because of the size and weight of today's laptops. Even if they were physically suitable, these laptops (and their desktop cousins) require typing skills that young children rarely possess. Worse still, PCs were not designed with handwritten input in mind. A pen is not their primary input method; they do not naturally write directly onto the display and the display orientation is not horizontal but vertical.

In fact, it is currently thought that the use of home PCs and game machines by preschoolers can have an adverse effect on their ability to learn to write.

Handwriting Computers - a well kept secret

Enter what we shall call 'handwriting computers' but which are probably known to you as 'Personal Organisers' or 'Pocket PCs' or 'PDA's or even by the brand name of the biggest selling model - the Palm (formerly also known as Pilot).

These are computers that were designed from the ground up to be operated with a pen, writing directly onto the computer's display surface. In other words, you observe information in exactly the same place you input information - just like you do on a sheet of paper.

Handwriting computers are ideally suited to students just starting school for the following reasons:

But there are a few drawbacks: the pen is too small, the screen is too slippery and the ergonomics of a hand-held computer are not quite right for desktop use.

Check out our accessory kit and see how we have overcome each of these drawbacks and made the Palm an ideal computer for use by small children.

Catch the Vision - if you dare !

Does your school have the vision to see beyond a couple of slow booting PCs sitting in the corner of a lower grade classroom, being used only occasionally for 'reward' activities?

Can you instead see each child pulling out a small computer from under their desks and instantly interacting with it, with their pen, in a whole range of subjects. Almost everything needed to make this happen is already in available, off the shelf (or the internet) at very affordable prices..

What is needed now is schools that want to be leaders in the use of technology for the early years of schooling. Schools that are not just wanting to go along with the safety-first crowd. Schools that can say: "I'm convinced, this is much more suitable technology for our lower school students - lets give it a go!"

Don't you want your students to have access to "The best computer ever" as one grade one girl from a school in the far north of Australia called her Palm recently?