Frequently asked questions about CopyWrite

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1. Do I need to purchase one CopyWrite unit for every student?

No - Even a 2MB Palm organiser has sufficient memory to store the work of up to 35 students, so one device can easily be shared around a class. Most of todays devices come with way more than 2MB. However, the more CopyWrite units you have, the more children who can be improving their handwriting simultaneously.

2. How are small children's arms supported whilst using CopyWrite?

Small children cannot write naturally on a Palm device if it sits flat on the desk, unless their arms are supported. Our PDASchoolCase (See Accessories) provides a specially designed ergonomic support pad (made out of high density foam) for just this purpose. It provides a raised platform that encloses the Palm organiser and supports the children's arms whilst writing.

3. Why aren't any Keyboards listed for my school's lettering system?

CopyWrite is a new product and keyboard support was only introduced at the beginning of 2000. It may take a while for keyboards to be developed for every lettering system. In the meantime, you can simply write the letters in yourself, or modify the letters in an existing keyboard (the manual has details). If you do create a suitable set of keyboards for your school, please email them to us, so we can share them with everyone else.See the Keyboards Page for details.

4. How many letters can you write in each section?

Using a keyboard, about six or seven letters can be entered across the top of the screen. Writing by hand, you can get up to eight or nine.

5. How much work can you save?

CopyWrite can save up to 20 exercises for up to 35 students in up to 2 classes, depending upon the amount of memory free in your Palm handheld computer. If you have loaded a number of keyboards and are using the AddressBook, DateBook or memo features of your organiser, CopyWrite's storage ability is reduced accordingly.

6. Can the children erase the teacher's or other student's work?

Not in the normal course of their writing with CopyWrite. A malicious student could always discover and perform the steps to delete any or all stored handwriting, but it should not happen by accident as it is a multi-step process.

7. How Robust is a Palm Handheld Computer?

Whilst the Palm organiser was designed to be portable and travel in a shirt pocket or briefcase, it is still breakable. The foam pad included in the PDASchoolCase helps to protect the device from accidental dropping. The 'Write Right' screen sticker helps protect the screen from accidental damage. But children need to be trained to treat the device with care.


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