Advantages of using CopyWrite

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Models Letters <> Flat on the desk <> Assess Letter Formation <> Ideal Size and Shape <> Motivation

1. Models Letters without a teacher

CopyWrite models dynamic letter formation without the need for a teacher to be present. A teacher need only be present to initially write the exercises, once that is done CopyWrite will take over and do the rest. Letters (or words) can be simply entered by writing directly on the screen, or tapping on an on-screen keyboard if desired. At the press of a button, the exact writing process will be replayed - stroke by stroke - exactly as the teacher wrote them. Even the timing can be reproduced if required - fast or slow - including pauses. This saves the teacher standing at the board demonstrating letter formation ad nauseum.

2. Flat on the desk - not 'up on the board'

Where are students learning to write? On a horizontal sheet of paper. Where is the worst place to demonstrate letter formation? On a vertical board ! Many students have trouble translating vertical lettering on a board onto a flat sheet of paper. CopyWrite solves that problem neatly - it sits flat on the desk - just where the student is writing - and shows letters being formed the same way - flat on the desk in the most natural way possible.

3. Handwriting formation assessment
Ever wished you could watch every student in the act of writing? Now you can with CopyWrite!

Now with CopyWrite's amazing 'instant replay' facility every facet of a student's writing is made dramatically obvious. One click of the replay button and every stroke is repeated just as if you were watching the student sitting at your desk writing just for you. Once you've used CopyWrite to assess a student's writing, you'll never want to go back to marking writing books again!!

4. Physical Size and Shape
CopyWrite is ideally suited to the junior classroom environment.

5. Student Motivation
You'll never have trouble getting students interested in handwriting again once you introduce CopyWrite to your classroom. Kids absolutely love using it. Handwriting lessons will never be boring again. Be warned - your good writers may invent writing problems just to get a turn at CopyWrite. It's the best motivational tool that is available today for handwriting

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