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The Palm handheld computer is ideal for use by young children for handwriting because of its direct pen input and ability to sit flat on the desk - modelling the natural 'pencil on paper' writing position.

However there are a couple of drawbacks of the Palm device for use with very young children:

  1. The Palm device sits somewhat above the desk level, making it difficult for small children to write naturally without straining their hands and/or arms.
  2. The supplied stylus is not ideally suited for children who are learning to write with conventional pencils and pens. The supplied Palm stylus is significantly smaller and writing grips cannot be fitted to it.
  3. The Palm screen is too slippery for many small children to be able to successfully control the pen when writing.
The PDASchoolCase overcomes these problems by supplying:

1. A hard plastic case that allows the Palms to be safely transported by small children and easily stored when not in use.

2. One foam mat that encloses and extends most Palm handheld computer devices providing hand and arm support and a convenient stylus holder.

3. One life-sized stylus pen that is more realistic for small children to write with and fits most available pencil grips (see right).

4. One screen sticker that once installed on the Palm screen provides a similar writing feel to that obtained when writing with a pencil on a sheet of paper.

Experience in Australian schools has indicated that small children can easily use Palm devices for handwriting when it is outfitted with a PDASchoolCase

Code CW-1000: PDASchoolCase (1 ea plastic case, foam mat, stylus and screen sticker - please state Palm model when ordering) $A30 + $A15 airmail.

Order now by fax or email.

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